28 sept. 2014

Easy vegan mini-pizzas

So, let's eat healthy... at home!

For today I have mini-pizzas, totally vegan and absolutely wonderful! 


- 4 big mushrooms (caps only)

- tomato paste

- orange capsicum (chopped)

- green olives (chopped)

- frozen corn kernels (defrosted)

- green onions (chopped)

- grounded flax seeds

- nutritional yeast

- lime juice

- Himalaya salt (or sea salt)

I baked the mushrooms caps...

I spread the tomato paste on them...

I prepared a sticky "cheese" (the flax seeds mixed with lime juice, salt and nutritional yeast flakes, add a little water if needed to get the desired consistency)...

I put the toppings in the "cheese" (to make them stick together so they won't fall off the base when eaten)...

Last, I filled the mushroom caps with the sticky toppings...

That's it! It's even easier to make them than it looks like! They're filling (I was starving and still couldn't finish the fourth one), healthy and they take pizza out of the junk food category ;)